British, American Conservatives Must 'Strengthen Bond'

Article excerpt

People of Great Britain and the United States, who share the same basic moral values, need to strengthen their relationship to prevail not only in the war on terror but also in future economic and political arenas, a conservative British politician said Wednesday night.

"You can either shape the world around you based on the values you hold, or you will be shaped by the values around you," said Dr. Liam Fox, a member of Britain's Parliament and its shadow defense minister, an official who speaks on defense issues for the government's opposition party. "It's a test of our moral resolve."

Fox addressed an intimate group of about 20 business leaders at the Duquesne Club, Downtown, and promoted The Atlantic Bridge, an organization he founded in 1997 that is designed to keep British and American conservatives communicating and developing relevant policy ideas.

Fox, a former co-chairman of Britain's Conservative Party, spoke on a number of issues, including briefly on the war on terror.

Britain and the United States, he said, have a moral duty not to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan and to see to it that the moral values the allies went to war for are spread as broadly as possible in those countries. …