Pa. Archer Convention Features Big-Game Animals

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Pennsylvania has always had a lot of bowhunters.

Now it's going to play host to some very special ones.

Roughly 1,500 or so archers from around the continent are expected to descend on Pennsylvania when the Pope and Young Club has its 25th annual convention April 26-28 at the Lancaster Host Resort and Convention Center.

The organization is the official keeper of North American big- game records for animals taken with a bow.

The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania also is playing a part in hosting the event.

The significance of the convention -- in addition to being the group's 25th -- is that it's the first one held farther east than Michigan. The Minnesota-based Pope and Young Club has almost always had its conventions in the country's West, despite pulling a portion of its 8,200 members from the East Coast.

The event's crossed to this side of the Mississippi just three times -- even then never coming closer than Wisconsin and Michigan.

This convention -- by coming to Pennsylvania, home to more than a quarter million licensed archery hunters -- is meant to address that.

"We've been looking at Pennsylvania and Maryland and that area, in general, for the last six-to-10 years, hoping we could get out there soon," said Kevin Hisey, executive secretary for Pope and Young. "We've finally worked it out, so we're calling this our first East Coast convention. …