CMU Picks New Computer Science Head

Article excerpt

Local and global money-making partnerships will be a major focus of Carnegie Mellon University's new computer science department head.

The university announced Wednesday that Peter Lee -- a professor and vice provost for research at Carnegie Mellon, who has experience turning research into private spin-offs -- will replace Jeannette Wing on July 1. Wing is leaving to become assistant director of computer science and information science and engineering at the National Science Foundation.

"It's really a great honor," said Lee, who has worked for Carnegie Mellon for 20 years. "This is the top department for computer science in the world."

A decade ago, Lee and then-graduate student George Necula developed "proof-carrying code," which enables a computer system to automatically determine if a program is safe to install and use. They patented the technology and it is being tested for use in cell phones.

Lee said the experience showed him the long delay between inventing technology and getting it to the public, something he hopes to improve in his new position.

"A lot of research ideas take 10 to 20 years to make it out in the real world," he said. …