For Safety Reasons, Aggressive Dog Should Be Euthanized

Article excerpt

Dear Dog Talk: Three years ago, my husband and I adopted "Magnum," a giant Schnauzer. He was 8 months old.

Last Monday, Magnum attacked my son-in-law. My son-in-law tried to remove something that Magnum was eating. He received six stitches in the hand. Magnum also has bitten my husband's arm.

I would like to give you some background about Magnum. The previous owners were a young couple who had never owned a dog before. They returned Magnum to our breeder because he attacked the male owner. We are not sure what provoked Magnum to attack him. What we do know is that he was underfed when returned. He was around 40 pounds and should have weighed 70. You could see every rib and bone along his spine.

Magnum was extremely aggressive around food and toys. Also, you couldn't touch him in certain areas on his body. He wanted you to pet him but would growl when you did.

When you pulled away, he would nudge you to pet him. He also didn't know how to play with other dogs or toys.

Apparently, the previous owners asked a trainer what they could do to change aggression around food. They were told to take the food away from him until he learned to appreciate who is feeding him. So they basically stopped feeding him, or at least fed him minimal amounts of food.

The previous owners also were told by the same trainer to grab both sides of his face and look him straight in the eyes while yelling to discipline him.

Magnum has come a long way since we took him. He's a great walker, comes when called, will sit and lie down, and will give you his paw and do some other tricks. He absolutely loves us and is never far from our side. He loves walks and playing with his toys. He gives lot of kisses. We can see and feel the love from him. We can even rub his belly and touch him anywhere. …