Fall Guys Will Be Dropping like Leaves

Article excerpt

It's been so long since we peered into the crystal ball that the darn thing is covered with dust.

Thankfully, I always come prepared for these columns. We'll just rid ourselves of that dust with a trusty Pledge multi-surface wipe and then take a look at what's in store for Western Pennsylvania this fall:

* Sept. 25: Pirates President Frank Coonelly announces Joe L. Brown, 89, the architect of the team's 1960 and 1971 world championships has been hired as a special assistant to youthful new general manager Neal Huntington, 37.

"Joe has a proven track record of building a winner, plus he should be able to rapidly build a rapport with our players," Coonelly says. "Having resided for many years at the Final Stop assisted living facility in La Jolla, Calif., he's already plenty used to dealing with the half-dead."

* Oct. 10: Seeking to further delay the Majestic Star Casino, the Pirates and Steelers ask a judge to prohibit its construction pending completion of a "really, really worst-case" traffic impact study.

The teams want developer Don Barden to determine anticipated traffic volumes if the casino is open while PNC Park and Heinz Field both host events as terrorists bomb several Downtown skyscrapers during a Category 4 hurricane striking the city an hour before the Rolling Stones are scheduled to play a free concert at Point State Park.

* Oct. 28: Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is an unexpected no- show for a debate with Republican challenger Mark DeSantis. Asked the next day about his whereabouts, Ravenstahl says only that he was "attending to a matter of vital urgency to the city. …