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In The Wall Street Journal Mitt Romney seeks to distance himself from HillaryCare II ... . Governor Romney believed at one point that he was going to do all these things -- cover the uninsured, simplify regulations, lower costs, and avoid increased government spending. And that is what he remembers having done. Reality is a bit different. Health insurance in Massachusetts is still highly regulated. ... the cost of the plan proved far higher than Romney projected ... . Romney remembers a plan that was in his dreams. What was actually feasible, enacted and implemented is rather different.

Arnold Kling

From Cato-at-Liberty

Interest rate pro James Grant ... has a WSJ review of Greenspan's new biography, "The Age of Turbulence." We've not yet read the book ourselves, so we can't fully comment ... . We can, however, agree with Grant's non book-specific implied conclusions about Greenspan and all central bankers: In the end, they are nothing more than price fixers and central planners, and given the disruptions and massive dislocations invariably caused by fixing the price and supply of credit and money, probably deserve less respect than any other bureaucrat assigned such a role. …