Nuclear Refueling, More Work Set at Shippingport Station

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Refueling and other work begins Monday at Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station's Unit 1 in Shippingport, Beaver County. While the unit is offline, welds on its pressurizer, spray lines and safety relief valves will be reinforced, a containment sump strainer will be increased in size and a reactor coolant pump motor will be replaced. Dave Dillon, spokesman for Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp., the plant owner, wouldn't say how long Unit 1 may be idled. A Nuclear Regulatory Commission report lists the reactor as running at 93 percent of capacity; the company said its capacity is 911 megawatts, estimated as enough power for 728,800 homes.

Survey: Average pay at $18.38 per hour

The average worker in the Pittsburgh-New Castle region made $18.38 per hour in January, said the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For managers and professionals, the earnings figure was $28.34. That group was the region's largest, representing about 30 percent of the region's work force, the agency's survey showed. Sales and office workers comprised the second-largest group, 27 percent, followed by service workers, with a 20 percent share. Production, transportation and materials moving workers represented only 14 percent of the work force and averaged earnings of $15.68 an hour. The bureau surveyed 539 employers with about 1.06 million workers in an eight-county area.

Duquesne seeks ruling on complaint

Duquesne Light Co. wants the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to rule quickly on a complaint over its plan to leave PJM Interconnection LLC, a regional transmission organization that runs the electric grid in 13 states, including Pennsylvania. …