4 Injured in Bleachers Collapse at School Gym in Uniontown

Article excerpt

Three Uniontown Area High School cheerleaders and a school custodian were injured Saturday morning when bleachers in the school gymnasium collapsed.

The girls were taken to The Uniontown Hospital. There was no word on their conditions from hospital officials.

Superintendent Charles Machesky, however, reported after visiting the hospital that one of the girls sustained a broken leg and nose. A second cheerleader also suffered a leg injury, Machesky said, though the extent of the injury was not immediately known. He said the third girl was awaiting treatment.

The custodian suffered a "serious" injury, said Machesky, who did not elaborate.

He added that none of the injuries was life-threatening.

Fayette 911 reported one girl was trapped beneath the bleachers. Machesky said a portion of the bleachers "fell on top" of one of the cheerleaders.

Machesky said the cheerleaders were helping to roll up the bleachers at the time of the accident. He said they failed to realize that a safety latch needed to be undone for that to happen.

The fact that the bleachers were still latched "led to the buckling of the bleachers," Machesky said.

The bleachers are the original seats for the gymnasium, which opened in 1958, the superintendent pointed out. …