Hampton School Drive Aims to Blanket African Children in Peace of Mind

Article excerpt

When most American children go to sleep, they don't fear a mosquito bite in the night could lead to their death.

But that is exactly what happens in Africa, where malaria is the leading killer of children. It's a reality that teachers at Hampton Middle School are hoping their students can fathom as they set out to raise money for an effort to save lives.

The school is supporting the United Nation Foundation's Nothing But Nets program, which seeks to provide insecticide-treated bed netting for families to sleep under. It is organized by the school's foreign language teachers as part of an awareness fundraiser for their annual World Language Month celebration.

The goal of the effort running through March is to raise $900 -- just $1 from each of the school's students and staff, said German teacher Pauline Spring. The results of the drive will be announced at an assembly on April 7.

Spring said it has been difficult for the school's children to understand the issue.

"We're very lucky. Other people in the world have a lot of issues related to basic survival every day that we don't think about and it's hard for us to imagine," she said. "We're trying to raise awareness and get them to think how other people live, and make them understand it's quite a different world out there. …