Pine Cove Has Long History as a Recreational Spot

Article excerpt

The oldies dance July 14 at Pine Cove Beach Club in Fallowfield will celebrate the 1960s and early 1970s in the popular swimming site's history, but the legacy of recreational activities there started long before that.

A story in the June 18, 1927 edition of The Charleroi Mail called attention to Nelson Bathing Beach on the Charleroi-Bentleyville Road opening "about July 3."

It touted the new site as "one of the best constructed beaches in Western Pennsylvania ... 250 feet by 100 feet with a depth of eight feet running back to the entrance. It will be unusually well supplied with fine well water."

The story further notes that Nelson Beach "has 65 acres of ground ... for picnic grounds and parking space. No charges will be made for use of the grounds for picnics nor parking." Another feature was a refreshment stand "on the grounds to serve the people at all times."

The Westside Electric Street Railway cars "will stop at the entrance to the beach" and the "omnibus will also have a stop at the entrance, thus making it convenient for every person to reach the beach, either by automobile, street care or the bus service."

Individuals interested in engaging use of the grounds for private picnic parties were encouraged to call "Mr. …