Sen. Bob Regola Withdraws from 39th District Race

Article excerpt

State Sen. Bob Regola of Hempfield today withdrew from his re- election campaign for the 39th District. (Click here to read his full statement.)

In a statement released this afternoon, Regola said the decision "has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever faced."

"Despite my belief that I would win re-election, I am unwilling to put my family, friends and supporters through the type of negative campaign that my opponent would likely conduct," Regola said in a statement.

Regola was acquitted in July of perjury and weapons charges related to the 2006 death of his 14-year-old neighbor, Louis Farrell, who shot himself with the senator's gun.

"Even though the jury acquitted me of these charges in less than three hours, my political opponents and some of the news media would likely spend the next several months vilifying me further. As one of the jurors has said, this was a political witch hunt, and I did not want to put my family through additional anguish," Regola said. …