Candidates Not on Spring Ballot in Fayette's Primary to Appear on Fall Ballot

Article excerpt

Several candidates who were not on the ballot in Fayette County's spring primary will appear on the fall ballot for the general election because they garnered enough write-in votes to earn nominations.

Laurie Lint, election bureau director, said 10,000 write-in votes were cast in the May 19 primary. The figure, out of a total 26,379 ballots cast, is twice what had been anticipated.

Write-in votes were tallied during the official count, which was completed Monday. Write-in candidates in boroughs and townships needed at least 10 votes to earn a nomination; those who waged write- in campaigns in cities needed at least 100.

Affected were races in several boroughs and townships, Lint said.

Individuals who garnered enough write-ins to land a nomination have until Aug. 10 to accept. If they reject nominations, their names will not appear on the ballot.

In Lower Tyrone, write-in candidates for the Democratic and Republican nominations for township supervisor tallied more votes than the only candidate whose name was on the ballot.

A write-in on the Democratic side, Windel Hayes, tallied 56 votes, Lint said. That was more votes than were garnered by sole candidate Denny Zelenka, who finished with 52 votes.

On the Republican side in Lower Tyrone, Denny Davis received 25 write-ins, giving him enough votes to be offered that party's nomination, Lint said.

In German, Democratic incumbent Bob Belch, lost that nomination for township supervisor to challenger Floyd "Buster" Gladman by 571 votes to 512. But when write-ins were tallied on the Republican ticket, Belch beat Gladman by a vote of 21 to 17.

Two mayoral races in Masontown and Brownsville might be affected by the write-ins.

In Masontown, mayoral candidate Toni Petrus tallied 13 write- ins, compared to nine for incumbent Tom Loukata. …