Hempfield School Director's Resignation a Surprise

Article excerpt

Hempfield Area School Director Tim Miller has resigned from the school board, effective Monday.

Miller submitted his letter of resignation to colleagues at the end of an executive session Monday after the school board agenda- planning meeting. The resignation was not publicly disclosed until Friday, when Miller released a copy of the letter.

On Monday, the school board will vote to formally accept Miller's resignation.

"I firmly believe that the district is in good hands and that the educational and financial positions are in excellent shape," Miller wrote.

Miller said his responsibilities as program director at the Blind Association of Westmoreland County have increased, and he wants to spend more time with his three daughters, who are active in sports and school activities.

"I need to focus my energy on other factors that are important to me," he wrote.

Miller said his family "needs to have their father on a full- time basis."

"I would do anything for my family, and providing them with my undivided attention is an absolute necessity," he added.

In an interview, Miller said he "needed a break" from the late meetings, phone calls at home and disputes over issues. He has spent 10 years on the board.

"I don't quit stuff," he said. "I felt bad leaving those guys in a lurch, but things are good. I didn't leave them in a bad way."

Fellow directors and administrators said they were surprised by the suddenness of Miller's decision.

"There was no indication it was coming," said Superintendent Terry Foriska. "It was a surprise to many people."

Board President John Henry, who is aligned politically with Miller, said he had no advance warning.

"He called me on Monday and told me. It kind of hit me, and I rushed home to get ready for the meeting," Henry said. "He decided Sunday. He was done and wasn't going to deal with it anymore. It gets to the point where you keep beating your head against the wall trying to do what's right. …