Hempfield School Director Formally Resigns

Article excerpt

The Hempfield Area School Board Monday accepted the resignation of director Tim Miller. There was an immediate attempt to fill the seat with lame duck director Jeff Weber, who leaves office at the end of the year after losing bids in the spring for the Republican and Democratic nominations.

Miller announced Friday he was quitting his position after serving two years of a four-year term. The board has 30 days to choose a successor.

Director Will Shay recommended Weber fill Miller's seat.

"Could I resign my position? Weber asked solicitor Dennis Slyman.

"I do not know of any prohibitions," Slyman said.

Director Robert McDonald said a similar situation several years ago occurred in the neighboring Penn-Trafford School District, but the Election Code bars a sitting director from resigning from one seat for another.

"You can't resign one position for another position," McDonald said.

That caused Slyman to back off his opinion until he has a chance to review the Election Code. The board withheld a decision until it hears the result of Slyman's review of the code.

Board President John Henry said Weber "could resign tonight and take your chances."

The board could advertise the vacancy and set a deadline for interested people to submit applications. It could then allow each applicant to address the board about their qualifications.

Tom Mastrorocco won both nominations in the primary election and was virtually assured a seat on the board until his candidacy was challenged under the Hatch Act. …