Hempfield Area School Board Member Resigns, Returns

Article excerpt

Jeff Weber resigned Monday from the Hempfield Area School Board, but his resignation was short-lived.

He was reappointed a short time later by a 4-3 vote to fill the vacancy created by last month's resignation of Tim Miller.

Weber submitted his resignation and took a seat in the audience. Director Randy Stoner nominated him to replace Miller. He will be sworn in on Monday when the board holds its regular meeting.

There are two years remaining in the spot Weber filled, while his former seat on the board expires in December. The board may decide on Monday whether to fill that post.

Director Sonya Brajdich nominated Tom Mastrorocco, who had won both party nominations in the April primary but had to withdraw from the race after he discovered the federal Hatch Act bars government employees from running in partisan elections. Mastrorocco works for the Department of the Interior.

However, Mastrorocco said he legally could accept the appointment because he would not have to campaign for the vacancy.

In addition to Stoner, other directors voting for Weber were Gordon Scherff, Will Shay and John Henry.

The vote for Mastrorocco was just the opposite, with Brajdich, Diane Ciabattoni and Robert McDonald voting for Mastrorocco while the other four voted against him. …