Komando: Making Photo Panoramas Easy

Article excerpt

Q: I need help making a desktop wallpaper. I'd like to take a 360- degree view of my airplane hangar. This will require multiple photos. How do I put them together?

A: Creating panoramas is easy today. Software will do the heavy lifting. It can stitch your photos together automatically. First, take all your photos from the same spot. And include a small overlap between photos. Next, plug them into your stitching software. Try Microsoft Image Composite Editor or AutoStitch. If you use a Mac, try Hugin. Resize the finished product to fit your screen. Use a program like IrfanView for that. Find these programs at www.komando.com/news.

Q: I am using Windows 7. I have a few older programs that I use for work, so I've been using XP Mode. Does XP Mode require separate security programs?

A: XP Mode lets you run XP programs within Windows 7. The programs appear to be running in Windows 7. In reality, though, the programs are running on an XP virtual machine. Windows 7 and the XP virtual machine do not share processes. So each needs its own security software. I have all the free security programs you need. Go to www.komando.com/news. Because you've been running XP unprotected, scan it after installing the security software.

Q: I like to shut down my Mac every night, but I often forget. Can the Mac turn itself off?

A: Yes, indeed. It can turn itself on, too. And it can do both on any schedule you'd like. Setting this up is simple. Click the Apple logo, and select System Preferences. …