Fayette County's Broadband Application Advances in State Review

Article excerpt

Fayette County commissioners Friday confirmed that an application to provide the county broadband service is among those that the state has recommended for funding under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's project to help expand broadband access throughout Pennsylvania.

"This is an important project for Fayette County," Commissioner Vincent Vicites said. "It will help us build our information superhighway."

The county was among 11 projects, selected from 62, recommended by the Pennsylvania Office of Administration in a second round of review.

Consultant Delta Development worked with commissioners, Fay-Penn Economic Development Council and emergency management staff on the application for about $10 million.

"It was a collaborative effort to package and submit it to the federal government," said Rick Rossi, senior vice president of information technology with Delta.

The consultant fee for the project application included $40,000 in county 911 funds.

It's money well-spent, Vicites said.

"I see value in this," he said. "Our job as commissioners is to make Fayette County a better place to live. We would have an enhanced 911 system, more towers, Internet capability accessible to 98 percent of the county. …