Mental Health Evaluation Ordered for Man in Delmont Stalking Incident

Article excerpt

A mental health evaluation was ordered for an Indiana man arrested for allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend who moved to Delmont.

Travis A. Davis, 23, of 3015 Brentwood Drive, New Castle, Ind., was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Tuesday for violating a protection from abuse order, stalking, transmitting obscene materials, receiving stolen property, loitering, harassment, invasion of property and criminal coercion.

Export District Judge Charles R. Conway rescheduled the hearing for Sept. 7.

Assistant District Attorney John Petrush requested a delay of four weeks to allow time for lab-analysis reports and a mental health evaluation.

"It's a bit excessive," defense attorney Matthew Schimizzi said. "Mr. Davis would be sitting in jail while the prosecution develops a case against him."

But Conway ordered the mental health evaluation and decided to keep bail at $75,000. He increased bond from $10,000 when additional charges were filed against Davis on Aug. 19.

The criminal complaint details a stalking scheme Davis allegedly used to persuade an ex-girlfriend to move back to Indiana.

Davis initially was charged with receiving stolen property and weapons possession after being accused of illegally carrying a . …