Murrysville Appointees Required to File Ethics Form

Article excerpt

People who volunteer to serve on various boards and commissions in Murrysville will be required to complete the Pennsylvania State Ethics form.

Council voted unanimously Wednesday to have appointees to the zoning hearing board, Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority, library board, pension committee, uniform construction code board of appeals, finance committee and planning commission to fill out the forms upon appointment to the position.

"They will not have to fill them out until they are appointed," said Joan Kearns, council president. "Those particular boards have a fiduciary responsibility or are a high-level recommendation agency. It's a safeguard. The State Ethics Act requires anyone with fiduciary responsibility to complete the State Ethics form."

Appointed members of boards, commissions and committees in Murrysville had been required to provide statements of financial interest since 2005. Before that, only the zoning hearing board and library board members were required to do so.

The State Ethics Commission requires financial disclosure forms from elected officials, certain public employees and others appointed by an elected body.

Murrysville Council voted to stop the practice in July 2009, mainly for committees not directly influencing any spending or funding.

Council also unanimously approved an ordinance geared toward regulating excessive noise emanating from trucks using brake retarders on Route 22. …