Historical Figures Inspire Queen of Angels Students

Article excerpt

Students at Queen of Angels Catholic School were visited by some important guests on Monday, welcoming the likes of "Taylor Swift," "Amelia Earhart," and "Anne Frank" among other famous figures during Catholic Schools Week.

The 29 students in the fourth grade lined the hallways of the second and third floors as they displayed their "Museum of Historical People" for other students.

Each fourth-grader chose a historical subject or someone who they admire.

"I think that the students did a wonderful job on this," fourth- grade teacher Christy Gilkey said, explaining that the project began with the students reading a book based on their subject of choice. "They all choose an age-appropriate and reading-appropriate book to read, then they type up a report. They also list a bibliography of sources. This is a great way for them to learn how to research."

Gilkey, who oversaw the project with fourth-grade teacher Michele Yakel, said the students worked for about two months on their projects. They then put their works in folders and later displayed them.

"I think the students did a nice job," Gilkey said. "They really looked for someone who inspires them."

The fourth-graders dressed as their admired historical figures, with many bringing props to accentuate the feel of the historical time frame.

Each student did a three-minute presentation on their subject for the students.

"I read a book about her, and I think that she was cool," Anna Lani said of her historical person, Anne Frank, who wrote a diary of her days in hiding during the Holocaust.

Eighth-grader Rebecca Horchar kept busy escorting some of the younger students and said that one of their favorites was Sacajawea, a Native American Indian who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their quest to discover the West and was their interpreter with Indian tribes. …