Trib Tested: Vaska Spotoff

Article excerpt

I ended up using the Vaska Spotoff cleaner to remove old yogurt stains (don't ask) from a light-colored recliner in my living room. I was a little worried the cleaner would leave a mark, too, but it took the yogurt stain off beautifully with just a little scrubbing. And, because I'm sensitive to scents, I was very pleased that it left no chemical smell behind.

It is a little pricey at $9.59, but the 22-ounce spray bottle should last a long time.

-- Sue Jones

I tested the Spotoff spray just in time for grass-stain season. The product was no more or less effective than other stain fighters I have used, meaning that I had to treat and wash multiple times to get the stains out.

I was impressed with it's ability to clean stains from my carpet, though. I had several spots in my living room, ranging from a few weeks to a few years old, and it took care of all of them without leaving behind discoloration that other carpet cleaners might have. …