Citizenship, Volunteerism Part of Corporate Culture

Article excerpt

The community has been a big part of the Telegraph Herald through the years.

Being involved in the community was, and continues to be, an important part of the vision of its employee-owners.

"Community citizenship, philanthropy and volunteerism have long been part of the culture of Woodward Communications Inc. Our company, starting with four generations of the Woodward family, and continued by our valued employee owners, have a strong commitment and desire to'give back,'or'pay forward'in enriching and enhancing the communities where we live and conduct business," said Tom Yunt, president and chief executive officer of Woodward Communications, owner of the Telegraph Herald. "This philosophy permeates all levels of our organization and as a result, is incorporated into our company's mission statement for future generations of our employee owners to embrace and uphold."

Whether it is helping out with humanitarian causes, kids sports, the United Way, theatrical productions or the political arena, there have been employee-owners stepping up to help.

One of those is Pam Albrecht, disbursement assistant at Woodward Communications.

She enjoys how helping out makes her feel.

"Volunteering makes you feel good and you have a whole different outlook on how things are run or organized," she said. …