Tuesday, July 31, 2012: Health Care, 'The Phantom' and Environmental Protection

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Last week you had several articles about GoMaine, and how it was being closed because it did not have enough funds to replace older vehicles.

The same articles stated that there was $233,000 profit from rider fees, and the DOT had budgeted $240,000 for vehicle replacement. Those who say they can't cover the cost of replacing the vehicles need to be sent to remedial math classes because they definitely flunked grade school math -- $233,000 plus $240,000 equals $473,000. Divide that by $43,000 per vehicle and the result is 11.

They don't need 11 new vehicles right now, but they have exactly enough to buy them. The DOT should be looking for ways to make it easier for people to get to work, not harder. There is a major shortage of public transportation here in Maine. Most of those who have been riding with

GoMaine cannot afford to relocate closer to their jobs. Their jobs pay enough for them to get by but paying more for private transportation will leave many of them in dire straights. If any of them lose their jobs due to lack of transport, our Republican-run state will blame it on the Democratic administration.

Cara Doucette

Van Buren

We won't play

It's been decided. The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land and we can either have it imposed on us by the federal government or Maine can have a strong say in the creation of health insurance exchanges and the implementation of the law.

The governor and the GOP Legislature have stamped their feet and said, "No, we won't play." Well, it's time that Mainers get the common-sense solutions that they need and deserve.

We need to elect Democratic leaders that will help develop the right plans for Maine with input from our business leaders and our communities

John Forsyth


Our auditorium

I hesitate to write this but many, if not most of us, are disappointed and even angry that the word "insurance" will be on our Bangor auditorium with Cross Insurance's purchase of its naming rights. Mr. Cross's full name is fine, but not insurance. I realize the tremendous amount of money he is giving to the project is difficult to ignore, but we hope something will be considered by those involved.

Lowell Kjenstad


Phantom blues

Let's get down to some serious stuff. After almost 40 years of reading "The Phantom," it is time for it to go. I thought when you did the "Great Comics Survey" several years ago this strip had a short life, with several comments from the BDN saying "gone" at the end of this episode.

Please now make that happen now.

Sticking with the comics, one more thing for the page layout people: "Shoe" and "Baby Blues" simply have to line up without chopping the feet off Garfield, Jon and the dog. You can't fold the paper and eat breakfast and read without refolding the paper. Not good; I mean, these are basics.

Tom Flacke


Funding study

Regarding the current debate about Medicaid funding, a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is pertinent. The study revealed that the three states (including Maine) that expanded Medicaid coverage showed a 6.1 percent reduction in mortality among low-income adults compared with states that failed to do so. …