Woman Cited for Allegedly Bullying Students

Article excerpt

Hosea Elementary School and the St. Joseph Police Department remain on watch after a woman allegedly bullied students.

A city summons was issued to Rachel Ferguson, 40, of St. Joseph after she reportedly yelled at and chased after Hosea students acting as safety guards.

The St. Joseph Police Department was vague on details of the crime, stating the incident was reported by the school Tuesday and investigated Thursday.

"(We) received a complaint that she was down there cursing at some children and driving erratically,' Sgt. Dave Hart said.

After tracking Ms. Ferguson down, police were able to obtain additional information and issued her a summons for disorderly conduct on a school premises for a violent act.

Shelley Christopher, the mother of one of the students, said there was more to the story.

Alleging prior problems with Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Christopher said the woman became angry with the safety guards when they wrote down her license plate.

"After they were screamed at last week and it was reported, she was calling them names, the faculty asked them to record her license plate,' Ms. Christopher said.

Doing so, the students allegedly angered Ms. Ferguson enough for her to chase after them in her vehicle.

"This woman accelerated towards these safety patrol girls,' Ms. …