Uniontown Womanconvicted of Theft amid Conflicting Reports

Article excerpt

A Uniontown woman who admitted she accepted money to perform a sex act on a man and simultaneously removed cash from his wallet was convicted Friday of theft and receiving stolen property.

Kimberly Cahill, 48, was found not guilty of robbery by a jury who heard the trial before Fayette County Judge Ralph Warman.

According to the original police report filed following the Dec. 12 incident, the man -- a 66-year-old Uniontown resident -- gave a different version of events.

He said he was sitting on the steps of a city apartment building along Gallatin Avenue when a woman approached him.

He said she asked for $20 to buy food and diapers for her child. The man said he took out his wallet and handed her $20. He said he returned the wallet to his back pocket and the woman gave him a hug.

When he sat back down, he said, he noticed his wallet was missing. He told police he found the wallet in a nearby alley, but approximately $120 was gone.

Later that day, Cahill came to the police station regarding another matter. Because she matched the description the man had given police, she was questioned.

Cahill said that as she walked by the man, the two spoke and she agreed to perform a sex act for $20, the police report said. The two went to a nearby shed.

She admitted removing $50 in cash from his wallet while the man was distracted. She told police she then dropped the wallet to the ground.

Cahill said the man asked for a refund of his money and became upset when she refused. …