SIDE STREETS: Transparency Coming to Homeowners Associations

Article excerpt

If you volunteer on a homeowners association board, you better create a new email account, quickly, for HOA business only.

And be prepared to operate with greater accountability to your fellow homeowners.

A new state law taking effect Jan. 1 mandates new levels of transparency from HOA officers while it takes steps to protect the privacy of the 2 million Coloradans living in HOAs, or covenant- protected communities.

How much does the law change life in an HOA?

Consider those neighborly directories of names, phone numbers and email addresses of residents that are published by many HOAs. They can no longer be routinely distributed.

"Those kinds of directories now require written consent of the owners before they can be distributed," said Lenard Rioth, longtime HOA attorney in Colorado Springs. "The new law requires personal identification and account information, including the telephone numbers and email addresses of owners, must be kept private."

However the privacy protections in the bill, passed by the 2012 General Assembly, do not apply to board members. They are required to publish their own email addresses. And they must be prepared to release all emails related to HOA business and decisions.

"My recommendation to all board members is that they get separate email addresses from their personal email accounts," Rioth said. "If they use their personal email accounts for HOA business and there's ever litigation, they may be forced by a judge to produce all their personal emails from their family and friends. …