Pasadena City College Students, Faculty Rally against Canceled Classes

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Gallery: Students and faculty protest PCC management canceling winter classes

PASADENA - In the first week of a new semester that students never wanted, about 75 protesters rallied in front of Pasadena City College on Thursday, decrying the college's "mismanagement" and the difficulty created for students hoping to transfer to four-year universities.

Monday was the start of spring semester at PCC, instead of the six-week winter intersession that was canceled in late August by the college's board of trustees because of budget concerns.

Students, however, say those winter classes were important for them to accumulate enough credits for transfers, and PCC's summer classes wouldn't be timely enough.

Among the protestors was student Stefan Sookdeo, who said he will have to wait a year before enrolling in the nursing program at Cal State Los Angeles because he is missing a required English class at PCC.

"It puts me in a tough situation, because I have work, I have school, I have things to do," said Sookdeo, who hopes to travel abroad for missions. "I'm trying to get out and move on with life."

With California's passage of Proposition 30 in the November election, additional funding could have gone to winter classes, protestors said.

"We have this very confusing and stressful situation for students where we were promised that the first summer session would transfer," organizer Sarah Belknap said. …