Citrus College Students Make Pledge to Succeed with College of Completion

Article excerpt

School districts across the region have been ramping up the focus on higher education. Elementary and middle school classrooms adopt universities near and far to promote a college-bound culture.

Students learn about mascots and study halls at an early age - but once those pupils reach college age, it's just as important to keep the focus on achievement.

Citrus College hopes to do just that with the new student pledge for C4, the Citrus College Completion Corps.

Students, faculty and staff all have the opportunity to sign a pledge of commitment to completion, promising to take advantage of the school's resources and help students plan for the future while at Citrus.

"I always tell my students that Citrus offers support to its students," said language arts Professor Lisa Telesca. "But you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

C4 is modeled after President Barack Obama's College Completion goals, tailored to fit the needs of Citrus College.

The basic concept behind the College of Completion initiative is to get students to take responsibility for their own educational success.

The pledge is a result of research and planning from the college's chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

The students in the Beta Nu Eta chapter spent months surveying their peers and working with the college's administration to create the initiative, said Telesca, one of the advisers for the chapter.

The group spent time examining the student body's perceived barriers to success, looking for ways to make the school's resources more accessible.

The pledge asks for "every trustee, employee, and student organization to help the student body understand the great value of obtaining degrees and certifications," and commits the signers to "reaching out to students," "serving as role models" and "learning about and using college support services. …