History / Series Strives to Make Sense of Civil War

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Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library is hosting a special scholar- led reading and discussion program titled Making Sense of the American Civil War. This program is organized as a five-part series of conversations that aim to get below the surface of familiar stories about the Civil War battles to explore the complex challenges brought on by the war.

The third of the five-part series, Making Sense of Shiloh, will take place on Thursday. Occurring almost exactly a year after the Civil War first began, the Battle of Shiloh magnified the price of war for a horrified and embattled nation. Making Sense of Shiloh explores the shattering impact the battle had upon Americans in the Civil War by looking at a variety of battlefield perspectives. Perhaps the most startling account comes from a letter written by Confederate General at Shiloh, Braxton Bragg, echoing the fierce dreams that would keep the Confederacy alive for three more years.

This conversation is part of a five-part series that will focus on truly making sense of the breadth and depth of the American Civil War. The series takes place over a 10-week period and will conclude here in Memphis on March 28. The rest of series will be available at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library on the following topics and dates:

March 14: The Shape of War - A combination of three readings demonstrates interpretations of the importance of Antietam then challenges the reader to shift the focus from the course of the battle and its ramifications to the suffering of the individuals and the way death was confronted. …