Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Compared Abortion to Slavery in 2008

Article excerpt

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli took heat last week for comparing the anti-abortion movement to the fight against slavery in a 2012 video that Democrats recently disseminated, but it's not the first time he's revealed similar thoughts publicly.

The outspoken conservative and candidate for governor made an almost identical statement in a 2008 "Cuccinelli Compass," a regular letter he writes to supports to supporters, The Washington Examiner has learned. In it, Cuccinelli reviews a biography on British abolitionist William Wilberforce and draws a connection between Wilberforce's fight against slavery to his own efforts in the Virginia Senate to curb abortions in the state.

After an anti-abortion measure was defeated in a Senate committee, Cuccinelli wrote: "Wilberforce was on to something in his approach to his opponents (and the disinterested), and I wonder if similar introspection about life and abortion in our nation and in our Commonwealth -- particularly in the Virginia Senate -- might change the hearts of some legislators? Wilberforce offers us a model worth imitating, and despite setbacks like this morning in the Senate's Ed & Health Committee, one of the greatest lessons from Wilberforce --- perseverance -- will serve us all well as we work in the long term to change the course of Virginia toward a greater respect for life and the families that sustain and nurture life."

Cuccinelli repeated similar comments last June during a Family Foundation gathering in Williamsburg, Va. A Democratic tracker captured on video the Republican gubernatorial nominee discussing how Christians won the fight to end slavery and would prevail similarly on abortion. The Associated Press first reported on the video last week. …