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Real Estate Transfers

The Tribune-Review publishes only those real estate transactions valued at $125,000 or more. Real Estate Transactions provided by RealSTATS, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203; 412-381-3880



2nd Ward

- Neill Brady et al. to JJNJ LLC at 951 Liberty Ave. Unit 1B for $155,964.

- Richard Schomaker to Strip Loft Development LLC at 2537 Penn Ave. for $600,000.

- Robert Trombino to Nicholas Penn Avenue LLC at 942 Penn Ave. for $920,000.

- Robert Levitt trustee et al. to Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authorit at 513 Smithfield St. and Oliver Ave. for $4,000,000.

4th Ward

- Estate of Robert Dickey to Heather Long and Peter Finelli at 4150 Bigelow Blvd. for $260,000.

- Estate of Frank Pace to Vorachat and Nisa Tamarree at 3245 Parkview Ave. for $215,000.

- Gary Napotnik to Comhdan Realty L.P. at 228 Semple St. for $3,500,000.

6th Ward

- Luke Katic et al. to Karin Gregory at 3614 Smallman St. for $245,000.

7th Ward

- Estate of Beata Graham to Gregory and Simone Oliveira Lignelli at 832 Amberson Ave. for $1,500,000.

- Lois Shuster Family L.P. to Brian Grochal at 621 Bellefonte St. for $263,000.

- Cartus Financial Corp. to Carlos Badenes and Christine Graziano at 5918 Elwood St. for $362,000.

- Sandra Ross to Penn Wilkins Assoc. LLC at 732 Filbert St. for $555,000.

- Nicholas Armstrong Crews to Susan Katz at 5731 Kentucky Ave. for $274,000.

- Lois Shuster Family L.P. to Matthew Manzo at 5830 Pierce St. for $150,000.

9th Ward

- David Clinton Cromie et al. to George Richard and Faye Evans at 4806 Harrison St. for $175,000.

10th Ward

- Thomas Zaborowski to Kimberlie Bowden and Kimberly Tonelli at 5103 Holmes St. for $172,000.

11th Ward

- Michael Holden to Valerie Wislo at 5919 Bryant Court for $300,000.

- East Liberty Development Inc. to Sung and Mary Chon at 712 N. Euclid Ave. for $215,000.

- East Liberty Development Inc. to Mary Worth Investment L.P. at 5641 Rural St. for $223,477.

- Calliope Kavalieratos to Brereton Ave LLC at 5634 Stanton Ave. for $614,000.

14th Ward

- Diane Silberg Kirshenbaum to Stuart and Tammy McLean at 1341 Beechwood Blvd. for $420,000.

- Jay Weiskopf to Henry and Laura Schneiderman at 1509 Beechwood Blvd. for $680,601.

- Kyle Anderson to Carol Davis at 1625 Beechwood Blvd. for $220,000.

- Anne Louise Conley et al. to Frederic and Lori Rongier at 5837 Forbes Ave. for $380,000.

- Estate of Theresa Coyne Jones to Anna Lokshin at 415 Hastings St. for $140,000.

- Patrick Ryan Properties LLC to Ian Gorton and Jan Nash at 5423 Hobart St. for $348,135.

- Harold Haffner to David and Judith Ehrenwerth at 1660 Murray Units 47 and 48 for $785,568.

- Som Sharma to Central Catholic High School Inc. at 211 Neville St. for $350,000.

- Christopher Passero to Vida Cecilia Passero and Kevin White at 1059 Parkview Blvd. for $450,000.

- Wells Fargo Bank NA trustee to Joseph McGinley at 6663 Woodwell St. for $162,000.

15th Ward

- Anna Lokshin to Kari Miller and Simon Leiderman at 574-576 Alger St. for $170,000.

16th Ward

- P. Christopher Hoffman to Christopher and Pamala O'Neill at 2336 Sarah St. for $218,000.

17th Ward

- Madonna Land Co. Inc. to Whiskey Barrel Flats L.P. at Second St. for $495,000.

- Deanna Porter et al. to Chrak LLC at 1320 E. Carson St. for $225,000.

- Lauren Strickler to Glenn and Cindy Snyder at 1714 Larkins Way for $259,000.

- James Hess to Hess Southside Properties LLC at 51 S. 14th St. for $168,000.

19th Ward

- Jeffrey Paroli to Meghan Harrison at 316 Fernhill Ave. for $125,000.

- P7 Investments L.P. to Jonathan Peters and Allison Simons at 435 Sweetbriar St. for $339,000.

20th Ward

- Gokul Inc. …