We Do Not Want an Arms Race in Cyberspace

Article excerpt

"The key question of the 21st century is how to ensure security in cyberspace," German Federal Minister of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich emphasized. A common understanding on a cyberspace code of conduct must be developed at the global level. Governments, industry and users had to assume responsibility for the safety of the Internet. A central catchword in this context is awareness: According to Friedrich, it is necessary to create awareness of the threat posed by cyber crime on all three levels, and that the costs needed to secure the networks were justified.

General Keith B. Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), stressed the importance of cooperation between governments and businesses: "Partnership is part of the solution." Effective defense mechanisms against threats originating in cyberspace could only be achieved by cooperation in partnership. He also pointed out the urgency of the issue: "Something must be done today." Aiming for international cooperation and technical solutions "If the technology itself is not safe, concluding agreements will make no difference," John Suffolk, Global Cyber Security Officer of Huawei Technologies (Shenzhen) cautioned. …