Shelby County Commission Briefs

Article excerpt

Committee OKs flooding study

Shelby County plans to partner with the city of Millington, Tipton County, the Chickasaw Basin Authority, the West Tennessee Basin Authority and the Mirimichi Golf Course to study flooding of the Big Creek Drainage Basin.

The County Commission's public works committee approved the resolution measure Wednesday, which includes $100,000 in county funds and $305,000 in donor funds.

The committee also voted to hire Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon engineers and architects to conduct the study.

The purpose is to address bank instability and other issues that cause flooding.

The full commission will vote Monday on the resolutions.

Focus on Second Amendment rights

The Shelby County Commission's general government committee approved on Wednesday a resolution that asks the state to adopt and enact the measures necessary to reject and nullify the "enforcement of any federal acts, laws, executive orders, rules or regulations that violate the Second Amendment."

That amendment addresses the right to bear arms. …