Policy Group to Honor Scaife with Award

Article excerpt

A Washington-based public policy group dedicated to strengthening national security will honor newspaper publisher and philanthropist Dick Scaife on Thursday.

Scaife will receive the Terry Elkes Sacred Honor Award from the Center for Security Policy for his "visionary philanthropy and advocacy for America's national security."

Former Florida Congressman Allen B. West will receive the 2013 Freedom Flame Award for his "steadfast commitment to the freedom and security of the United States." The awards will be presented at the Center for Security Policy's awards dinner in New York City.

Scaife has had "a profound impact on the public policy arena through his support for organizations that have helped shape it for over two generations," said Frank J. Gaffney Jr., the center's founder and CEO.

"Dick has rarely received anything remotely like the credit he is due, principally because he has adamantly refused to be acknowledged," Gaffney said.

Scaife is publisher of newspapers in Western Pennsylvania, including the Tribune-Review.

Through three family foundations -- the Allegheny Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation and the Carthage Foundation -- he has supported myriad groups and organizations.

Michael W. Gleba, president of the Sarah Scaife Foundation, will accept the Sacred Honor Award on Scaife's behalf. …