Tenured Radical Professor Calls Osama Bin Laden a 'Freedom Fighter,' U.S. a 'Neocolonialist Power'

Article excerpt

A California professor is assigning his political science students a text he co-wrote that calls al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden a "freedom fighter" and the United States a "neocolonial power."

Fox News reports that some students of professor Emmit Evans at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo aren't too happy with that description.

The book, The Other World: Issues and Politics of the Developing World, notes that "the al Qaeda movement of Osama bin Laden is one example of an attempt to free a country (in this case, Saudi Arabia) from a corrupt and repressive regime propped up by a neocolonial power (in this case, the United States)."

Junior Aaron Bandler told Fox, "It totally blew my mind that a professor would essentially call al Qaeda a bunch of freedom fighters in required reading for class."

Evans responded that he merely presents facts and doesn't moralize. "With respect to my writings, they are empirical, not normative," he told Fox News.

Here are a few facts for Evans: The Saudi-born bin Laden is the son of a man who became a billionaire through the patronage of the Saudi royal family. The bin Laden family's company, the Saudi Binladin Group, is one of the world's largest construction companies and has been entrusted with what's probably the most sensitive infrastructure job in the entire Islamic world: expansion of the mosques in Mecca and Medina, the two holiest sites of the faith. …