Business Analytics Approach 'Journey' Not 'Sprint'

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HealthCheck360 wins award HealthCheck360, of Cottingham & Butler, received the 2014 Data into Action Innovation Award from the Center for Business Analytics at Loras College for demonstrating excellence in the use of business analytics through the company's health score analytics system. As a performance- based wellness company, HealthCheck360 focuses on improving employee health and minimizing employer medical costs through the use of analytics. Loras offers business analytics program Loras College on Thursday announced the launch of a certificate program in business analytics. Taught in an online environment, the 10-week program provides mid-career professionals an opportunity to learn business analytics best practices. The program's core curriculum has five primary learning objectives: introduction to data science methods and techniques; technology awareness and basic understanding of the applicability to a analytics scenarios; hands-on experience with technologies; ability to design and develop performance management processes; and provide context for the ethics of business analysis For more information, contact Michael Friend at or 563-588-7166.Gebhard Rainer remembers the days of big brown ledgers, countless columns, calculators and pencils.

"My most important tool was a pencil at that time. No doubt about it," Rainer said.

Data reliability and analysis were difficult to ascertain. Years later, the executive vice president and chief financial officer of Hyatt Hotels Corp. is immersed in business analytics - the investigation of data to gain insights and predict scenarios - through computer applications. Hyatt Hotel owns nearly 550 properties in 48 countries. …