A Constant Safety Vigil ; Jacqui Kennedy, Head of Birmingham City Council's Regulatory Services Department, Which Runs the Environmental Health Team, Reveals the Work Being Done to Keep Brummies Safe

Article excerpt

IN Birmingham we believe everyone has a right to work, shop and live in safety.

That includes employees working in offices, consumers spending in shops or people going to the theatre. Every year Birmingham City Council's environmental health team is notified of around 700 work- related incidents - these can range from simple slips and trips to serious accidents involving fork lift trucks or falls from height.

However, we also carry out standards of occupational health, safety and well-being.

We carry out routine health and safety inspections, investigate work-related accidents and cases of ill-health and also investigate complaints about the workplace.

This service is free of charge and last year we dealt with almost 400 complaints about safety in the workplace.

Where we find unsafe practices, we have powers to require improvements to be made or to stop dangerous activities immediately.

In more serious cases we can prosecute businesses or individuals. In fact, last year we prosecuted a Birmingham hostel following the tragic death of a resident who was scalded in a bath of hot water. …