Apple Hill's 'Squabbles' Reteams Popular Pair in Domestic Comedy

Article excerpt

Veteran actors Dennis "Chip" Kerr and Shirley Ratner of Greensburg showed audiences the beauty of a comfortable, loving relationship in last year's production of "On Golden Pond" at Apple Hill Playhouse.

The popular pair is back together this summer, only this time, there's more loathing than love between their characters -- two bickering in-laws, Abe and Mildred -- in Apple Hill's production of "Squabbles," a comedy by Marshall Karp.

"The roles that Chip and I are playing in this show are quite different from Ethel and Norman in 'On Golden Pond,' " Ratner says. "Ethel and Norman were in a long-term, well-worn marriage. They knew each other so well and cared very deeply for one another. In this play, Abe and Mildred are basically strangers who really don't like each other at all."

The comedy takes place at the home of Jerry Sloan (played by Robert A. Stull of Leechburg), who writes jingles for a living, and his wife, Alice (Laurie Racculia of Greensburg), a successful lawyer. It's bad enough for Jerry that his father-in-law, Abe, is living with the couple, but when Jerry's mother, Mildred, needs a place to stay after a house fire, things get very unsettled for all involved.

"Although Abe has become comfortable with his surroundings, they are new and uncomfortable to Mildred," Ratner says. …