Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Article excerpt

Four proposed amendments to the Association's Constitution, published here, have been put forth by the Council and the Committee on the Organization of the Association. Deletions are indicated by strikeout, and substitutions and additions by boldface type. Amending the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote by the Association's annual meeting. These proposed amendments will accordingly be before the Ninety-second Annual Meeting for consideration in June.

Article II-Membership, Section 1.a

Active Members. Any person who holds a professional position of teacher or researcher or similar academic related professional appointment, excluding administrators but including any member of an AAUP-representcd bargaining unit in a college, university, or professional school of similar grade accredited in the United States or Canada, may be admitted to active membership in the Association.

Article II-Membership, Section 1.c

Retired Members. An active member who retires from a full time teaching or research position may choose to be transferred to retired membership. Retired members retain all rights and privileges accorded to active members under this Constitution, including the right to hold office and to vote in national elections. …