Letter Box

Article excerpt

Dear Editors:

Alan Dessoffs article, "Master's Degree: A Key to Your Career?" published in the January/February 2006 edition of International Educator provided useful information on the increased importance of a master's degree in entering the international education field. The descriptions of various programs tailored to meet the needs of students planning careers in practice and research in international education will be useful to many. However, as two current students at the School for International Training (SIT), we feel that the article did not do the SIT program nearly the justice it deserves.

The article indicated correctly that the degree title of "Master's in International Education" was not available until 2000-2001; however, an international education concentration has been offered at SIT since 1986. Thus, the school has had 20 years of experience developing and shaping its international education curriculum. It is important that the clarification be made that SIT has 20 years experience in preparing international educators rather than six. …