Letter from the Editor

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"A dark moment in publishing is the legend beneath a cartoon that appeared recently in The Washington Post and other publications. The following letter from the editor of Aging Today explains why we did not take the Post's transgression lightly. By our press time, the Post had not responded.

Letter to the Editor

The Washington Post

Dear Editor:

As the editor of Aging Today, newspaper of the American Society on Aging, I received messages from friends in Washington who spotted your "Close to Home" cartoon by John McPherson in today's paper (April 7). The panel shows a stereotypical older man, bald, pudgy and in fashion-challenged plaid pants, reading the Aging Today "First Annual Swimsuit Edition." Page one depicts an elderly woman lounging on a beach and showing off more wrinkles than there are footprints in the sand.

We'd like your readers to know that the real Aging Today does have a center section, though not a centerfold. It includes articles that might only titillate a social policy wonk. For example, readers might find an essay about how petty ageism in America's youth-obsessed media helps to perpetuate desultory stereotypes of growing older in our aging society. …