U.S. Approves Arms Exports for India

Article excerpt

During a December 34 visit to New Delhi by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, the United States and India announced that Washington had recently authorized licenses to export U.S. weapons to New Delhi and that other Indian defense requests were under "expeditious review."

A joint statement by the two governments noted that the United States has approved export licenses for "weapon locating radars" to India as well as licenses for other exports not explicitly identified. When asked for more details about the radars, a Defense Department spokesman declined, claiming that such information would conflict with the manufacturer's proprietary rights.

The joint statement also claimed that Washington was reviewing possible exports of jet engines, multi-mission maritime aircraft, and radars, as well as components and systems for India's ongoing light combat aircraft program, which has been on the drawing board since the early 1980s. Several factors have delayed development of the light combat aircraft, including the imposition of U.S. sanctions on military ties and deals with New Delhi following its May 1998 nuclear tests. The Bush administration lifted those sanctions in September, clearing the way for U. …