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Ethical Wills

Thank you for including Judith A Shultz's article "Ethical Wills: A Tool for Resolving Unfinished Business" (MarchApril 2006). Ethical wills are a wonderful way for us all to transmit our spiritual legacy.

Rabbi John D. Cooper

Buderim, Queensland


'Swimsuit' Cartoon

Kudos to you for the perfect response to The Washington Post for running the [Universal Press Syndicate's] "Close to Home" cartoon showing the Aging Today "Swimsuit Edition" ("Letter From the Editor," March-April 2006). Shame on the Post. With its long history of liberalism, the editors should know better. Printing a racist or sexist cartoon would never be considered by this esteemed newspaper. But apparently an ageist one is fair game. The Post definitely needs to read Ageism in America [the new report from the International Longevity Center].

Moira Keller

Atlanta, Ga.

Thank you for stepping up and taking The Washington Post to task for running the taste-free cartoon. It's also ironic, since the Post was, for many years-and many important years-led by a woman who became an attractive older woman. I don't think this would have gotten past its late publisher, Katherine Graham.

Valerie O'Krent

Huntington Beach, Calif.

White House Conference

Your article on the 2005 White House Conference on Aging ("2005 WHCOA: A Tale of Two Conferences," January-February 2006) reminded me of the 1981 conference. I had been the chair of the research committee before the meeting, and we submitted our report. …