Officer Personnel Management System XXI: Key Points

Article excerpt

1. The heart of OPMS XXI is to develop officer leaders of character who personify Army values. Our system must foster a value-centered Army.

2. Warfighting is job #1. Our primary purpose is to fight and win the nation's wars. We must produce officers who start out in the operational force, understand its requirements, and serve with competence and judgment. As they mature, they must be able to serve either in that operational force or in the institutional base with an understanding of how they contribute to maintaining the Army's warfighting/operational edge.

3. The officer development system will integrate the leader development system and OPMS as they evolveintegrating the officer evaluation report as a tool to support these two systems.

4. We need to align officer expectations with what is realistically attainable. The measurement of success is personal and different for each person. Rather than focusing on promotion or selection, we should dwell on contributions to the Army and its soldiers. …