Resource Management in Health and Social Care: Essential Checklists

Article excerpt

4. Resource management in health and social care: essential checklists. By William Bryans. Published by Radcliffe Publishing, Oxford, 2005. Paperback 147pp. ISBN 1-85775-627-4. DOI: 10.1177/1466424006000290.

Although, in the early days of the NHS, senior clinicians probably had greater control over how specific resources were allocated than they have today, this was also a time when healthcare came at a fraction of today's costs and the public's expectations and knowledge of the system were substantially less. Nowadays health and social care are massive consumers of public money. Increased accountability demands that administrators not only balance the books but plan to do so in ways that set increasing public demand against the realities of the costs of modern health and social care. Finance managers now have a crucial role in adjudicating between conflicting priorities and reaching realistic but appropriate conclusions on resource allocation. The need for effective strategic planning, budget setting and control in the health services is now as important as in any successful business.

Resource management in health and social cure offers a way forward for those needing to update or develop their resource management skills. The book covers the key aspects, including resource planning, managing deficits, achieving best value, commissioning services and coping with public and political scrutiny. …