Sir Paul McCartney on His Ecce Cor Meum

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Judith Monk was at the launch

At the launch of his new classical work Ecce Cor Meum, which is Latin for Behold my Heart, Sir Paul McCartney talked about some of the background to this work which has taken him more than eight years to write. Caught on the hop by the CD launch organisers he thought he was just going to answer questions. He told us: "It's not easy to talk about music, that's why you write it!

"Anthony Smith at Magdalen College, Oxford commissioned a choral work for their choir. I immediately said yes. A bit like an actor who agrees to take a horse riding part and tells them he can ride a horse but he can't. I was very enthusiastic."

He then discussed the reasons why this commission had taken so long.

"It's been a huge learning curve. I was right; I didn't know anything about it. I knew harmonies from the Beatles days and I've loved I harmonies since I was a kid. This length of work is a completely different ballgame. However, 1 think 1 learned enough to produce a decent record in the end, a decent piece I'm very proud of it; I do like it.

"It was started when Linda was alive; we originally went up to Magdalen together so it has a lot of my feelings for her in it. …