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Colene L. Coldwell, lecturer in Finance and John T. Rose, professor of Finance, Harriette L. and Walter G. Lacy, Jr. Chair of Banking, published "Teaching and Application in Introductory Finance: Using an Excel-Based Case Study as a Pedagogical Tool" in the Journal of Business Case Studies, First Quarter 2006.

Ernest S. Fletcher, Jr., lecturer in Finance, wrote the chapter "Cash Flow from Assets and Cash Flow from Financing; Shifts in the Security Market Line," in the textbook Introduction to Corporate Financial Management, printed by Thomson South-Western, August 2006.

James Garven, professor of Finance & Insurance, Frank S. Groner Memorial Chair of Finance and Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Program Director, has been appointed the president of the American Risk and Insurance Association. He delivered the presidential address to the association at their annual meeting in Washington, DC. The address "Risk Management: The Unifying Framework for Business Scholarship and Pedagogy," discussed the pervasive nature of risk management throughout the various business disciplines (not only in RMI, finance, and economics, but also in other disciplines such as management and marketing). Co-author Neil Doherty also presented their paper (with Sven Sinclair at the Congressional Budget Office) entitled "Noise Hedging and Executive Compensation." Links to the papers and the related presentations can all be found at

William Reichenstein, professor of Finance and the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management, published "Recommended Readings: For Books that Cover it All" and "The Real-World Lessons from Investment Theory" in AAII Journal, printed by the American Association of Individual Investors; "Rationality of Naive Forecasts of Long-Term Rates" in the Journal of Portfolio Management; "Tax-Efficient Savings and Investing" and "The Expanding Roth Retirement Account" for TIAA-CREF Institute's Trends and Issues. He was quoted in the Wall Street Journal article "Good Form: Using Your Tax Return to Bolster Your Investment Performance." His paper "After-Tax Asset Allocation" was the lead article in the Financial Analysts Journal, July/August 2006.


Robin Wakefield, assistant professor of Information Systems, presented "Affect as Information in the Decision to Use New Technology" and "The Nature and Influence of Conflict in Virtual Teams" (Co-authors: Dorothy Leidner and P. Shan) at the 2006 America's Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS). She also presented the research "Conflict and Conflict Composition in the Virtual Team," co-authored by Dorothy Leidner, at the 2006 American Accounting Association (AAA) Annual Conference. Wakefield also published "Mobile Computing: A User Study on Hedonic/Utilitarian Mobile Device Usage," co-authored by Dwayne Whitten, as part of a special issue on mobile computing in the European Journal of Information Systems.

Randall Waller, senior lecturer in Information Systems, authored the presentation "Reading Stories and Signs on the Internet: Analyzing CSR Discourse on the Internet" with professors Catherine Nickerson and Brigitte Planken, both of Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, who delivered the presentation at the Association for Business Communication's 8th annual European Region Convention in Oslo, Norway, on June 8, 2006.


Mitchell J. Neubert, Chavanne Chair of Christian Ethics in Business and the H.R. Gibson Chair in Management Development, published the paper: "A Cognitive (Attributions): Emotion Model of Observer Reactions to Free-Riding Poor Performers" in the Journal of Business and Psychology. …