MUTINY: A History of Naval Insurrection

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MUTINY: A History of Naval Insurrection

By Leonard F. Guttridge 320 Ppgs, Illustrated, 6-in x 9-in, Paperbound, ISBN: 1-59114-348-9 - $18.95. US Naval Institute, 800-233-8764;

First published in hardback in 1992, this voluminous effort on a timeless topic immediately earned a permanent place in this reviewer's nautical library. The appearance of this newly-minted low-cost economy paperback is equally welcomed and makes a welcome holiday gift for the man who "has everything."

Few maritime themes are as enduring as sagas about mutiny, both fictive and real. What Naval buff hasn't read, or seen, or debated any of the various versions of the fictional Caine Mutiny, or watched or read the most revered nautical classic of all time: Mutiny On The Bounty?

There's grim drama implicit even in the word "mutiny," for its very mention strikes terror into the heart of every sea captain. In this fascinating review of mutinies the world over, author Guttridge takes us on a 200-year tour to deftly examine the many causes and definitions of mutiny from Georgian times to the great under-publicized carrier racial revolts of the Vietnam era. …