Who Mentored You?!

Article excerpt

Many of us in the Student Unit see our future as very bright! We are excited to help others and learn more about ourselves in the process. The process of moving from college to a professional job is a daunting task, especially when we think about all the challenges we will ultimately face in the first few years in our profession. Therefore, the Student Unit is developing a mentoring program for the younger generation. We are asking for help from professionals who have experience in the wide range of FCS career fields.

There are so many benefits of mentoring. We know that once we are working, we will face situations that no amount of formal education could have prepared us for. We need the expertise of the individuals who have "been there, done that." Having a mentor would give us a contact when looking for a job and a person to rely on for advice when we do enter the workplace. Overall, wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone in the profession who wants to see us as individuals succeed?

What can a mentor get out of this relationship? Many professionals who are mentoring a young professional believe that they gain a fresh new perspective through mentoring someone in a different generation. The bright-eyed recent graduate might just provide inspiration to their mentor! Also, the mentor may pay closer attention to aspects of their profession that they have never noticed before.

Another benefit of the mentee/mentor relationship is that everyone involved gains knowledge in their field. Through the questions and answers that flow between mentors and mentees, new insights and information are shared.

The Student Unit officer team is excited to see the program take shape for the pre-professionals and the professionals. …