Around the Regions

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Eastern Region

When you read this the flaming month of June will almost be upon us and that means the region's annual barge trip will soon be due for sailing. Your opportunity to sail before the mast! The region board are confident that everything will be alright on the day! Weather, tides, wind - a good mix of passengers, food, drinks, etc! In other words happy and smooth sailing.

The River Orwell is looking lush, the banks and fields on either side are looking green in addition to the places of interest ready to attract us, with prominent buildings standing sentinel - HMS Ganges' mast; the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook; Parkeston Quay for cruises to the North Cape, the Baltic and Icelandic Waters (in summer time of course) crossings to Europe Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden.

Harwich with its ancient history, the original sailing point of the Mayflower of Pilgrim Fathers fame. Felixstowe Docks with its array of ships from worldwide ports as well as coastal traffic. Ships sailing to and from Ipswich and of course the `Freston Folly', with one of the biggest bridges in Britain over the Orwell - in the distance towards Ipswich. That scenic and interesting travel write-up must surely appeal to your tourist senses plus all the bonhomie of the assembled ship's company, renewing old acquaintances and forging new friendships.

It all happens on our annual barge trip - you'll be more than pleasantly surprised. All that is remaining is for you to book forthwith to secure a berth - the date Sunday 30 June (see advert on page 2 for booking details and other information).

In addition, our annual raffle with ever-so valuable prizes will be held in aid of seafaring charities - eg King George's Fund for Sailors. …